The “on wheels” station for refueling small amounts of liquefied methane is already in the Tri-City. On Thursday, July 28, the contractor handed it over to the owner – the Maritime Institute of Gdynia Maritime University.

The mobile refueling station for liquefied methane, created from biogas (bioLNG) or natural gas (LNG), is an absolute novelty on the market for the distribution of alternative fuels! It has only 3.5 tons of gross vehicle weight. Thanks to it, it will be possible to use liquefied methane more widely, e.g. in public transport, production plants and office buildings.

The prototype station was built by a consortium of two companies: Baltic Engineering Flare GmbH and Ferdinand Schultz Nachfolger Fahrzeugbau GmbH, as part of the EU project Liquid Energy. It will be used extensively as a prototype to demonstrate the technical capabilities.

The documents were signed by: dr Detlef Andrich (BEF GmbH) and dr hab. Maciej Matczak, prof. UMG – President of the Maritime Institute of Gdynia Maritime University.

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