The Liquid Energy project is a comprehensive initiative that addresses a burning challenge in the global energy landscape – the increasing demand for natural gas.

By engaging various companies and executing four pilot investments, the project demonstrates a remarkable practical orientation, aiming to create significant value and unlock a new market within the energy sector.

The whole success story of the project is available -> here.

Strong practical character of the project.

The project’s focus extends beyond technical aspects, encompassing environmental considerations, economic viability, and the local community’s needs and engagement. By ensuring the long-term viability and scalability of the proposed solutions, the project aims to create a lasting positive impact on the communities it serves.

Liquid Energy in the spotlight of the industry and media.

One remarkable achievement of the Liquid Energy project is its remarkable presence and engagement at diverse conferences and exhibitions. Notably, the project’s active participation in prominent events such as GASTECH 2022 has yielded substantial interest and engagement from key players within the business sector.

Pilot investments as highlights with strong positive feedback from the bio-LNG and LNG market.
  • Micro- and Nano-Scale (Bio-) LNG Mobile Refuelling Station.
  • Microgrid with Modern Fuel Cell.
  • (Bio-) LNG Solution for Decentralized Energy Supply System.
  • Adaptation of Marine Engine to (Bio-) LNG.
Educational aspect of the Liquid Energy project.

This educational effort goes beyond surface-level explanations. It delves into the fundamental principles of (bio-) LNG applications, enabling stakeholders to assess feasibility, effectiveness, and socio-economic impacts.