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  • Mobile liquefied gas (bio-LNG) or natural gas (LNG) fuelling station in micro size – a novelty on the fuel distribution market. There is a short video which have been filmed in Rostock – a seaside town and the biggest urban centre in the Mecklenburg.

Let’s take a look -> here.

  • Liquid Energy bio-LNG is a great green opportunity for The Metropolitan Area of Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot. One of the questions is: would it be possible to obtain bio-LNG from the landfill gas from the Gdansk landfill site and use it as a power source for vehicles.

There is a short video available -> here.

  • One of the pilot investments implemented as a part of our project is Bio-LNG – a green opportunity for small vessels. Do you want to see and find out more about customization of a small ship engine to be fuelled with liquefied gas?

Let’s take a look at a short video -> here.