Trainings on LBG handling and applications in action!

Modern ports and port cities are becoming important energy hubs and they are places where Liquid Energy especially aims to develop knowledge and competences about sustainable types of fuel.

The first training on liquefied biogas handling and applications took place at the Maritime University of Szczecin on April 28th, and the next presentation of the topic is already planned on June 2nd at Klaipėda Science and Technology Park.

Target audiences are representatives of the ports, transport, energy sectors, specialists responsible for process safety, as well as engineering students.

Gdynia will become the last stop for the trainings – the event will be integrated into the upcoming Conference Bio-LNG Market: Challenges and Opportunities for Technology on Micro and Nano-Scale. The Conference will take place on June 14-15th at the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park.

During the nearest Conference, there will be a chance to hear, among others, about:

  1. The contribution to the safe operation: regulations for vary means of transport LGB: ADR, RID, AND, IGC;
  2. The precautions to prevent hazards related to crio fuels;
  3. The occupational health and safety precautions and measures;
  4. The firefighting operations: causes and development of LBG fires, and the presentation of different methods of extinguishing them.

We’ll keep you updated about the details very soon.