MoU – Cooperation for Promoting Micro- and Nano-scale LNG and Bio-LNG Technology for Decarbonisation and Strengthening Access to Energy Sources in Rural and Infrastructure-Lacking Areas

Memorandum of Understanding was signed during the previous Liquid Energy Conference – on 15th of June in Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia.

The whole document is available here -> MoU.

MoU was signed not only by partners of the project but also by participants of the II International Conference. The objectives of this cooperation are, for example:

  • ¬†Foster collaboration in research, development, and deployment of micro- and nano-scale LNG and bio-
    LNG technology.
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing and exchange of best practices to enhance the implementation of micro-
    and nano-scale LNG and bio-LNG projects.
  • Support capacity building initiatives to empower local communities and stakeholders in adopting and
    utilizing micro- and nano-scale LNG and bio-LNG technology.

The activities undertaken as part of MoU will aim to foster entrepreneurship and regional development, with the goal of strengthening the regional economy in the areas covered by the joint projects and measures.

The Parties recognize the potential for job creation, innovation, and economic growth that can arise from the adoption and implementation of micro- and nano-scale LNG and bio-LNG technology. Efforts will be made to support local businesses, facilitate skill development, and promote sustainable economic development in the regions covered by the measures initiated by the signatories of this document.