The main information about: biogas in Norway and Sweden, Liquid Energy project and pilot investments has been put into three brochures.

Brochure no 1 -> Liquid Energy project as pilot investments

The pilot project offers several benefits:

  • the use of (bio-)LNG reduces greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to a cleaner and more sustainable energy mix;
  • the CHP plant maximizes energy efficiency by utilizing waste heat, resulting in cost savings and reduced energy consumption;
  • the integration of solar energy further reduces reliance on (bio-)LNG and promotes renewable energy utilization.

If you want to find out more about: decentralized energy supply system, green opportunity for small vessel
– example of Magda I ship or mobile LNG and bio-(LNG) refueling station – check brochure number one.

Brochure no 2 -> Norway and Sweden – biogas in Scandinavian countries

Study visits are an essential part of every project. During their duration, project partners and people involved in its creation, among others, have a chance to broaden their knowledge and exchange experiences. More information about study visits which we have made to Norway and Sweden is available in the brochure number two.

These journeys have been a chance not only to see the activities of entities close to the project in practice, but also to learn about solutions that could be implemented in the future.

Brochure no 3 -> Liquefied bio-gas as a driving force for development and use of green energy technology

The alternative fuels as independent power supplies are becoming increasingly significant, even if that means increases in energy costs. These fuels also make a significant contribution to improving environmental performance, such as reducing CO2 and pollution emissions. However, a particular technical challenge
associated with the energy transition is the storage and distribution of high volumes of energy, for example
in the form of liquid biogas or natural gas.

If you want to learn more about the Liquid Energy project, you can not miss the brochure number three.